Let’s Do The Math

Our convenient spaces are designed to make it easy for you to enjoy your passion for cooking and baking while remaining profitable and providing an outstanding experience for your customers. Contact us to learn more and see how much you could save!

Opening a Traditional Restaurant
Working with The Line Kitchens
Financial Investment
Cost of real estate
2,000 square feet
200-300 square feet (same area, much less space needed)
Staff required
25+ employees
~4 employees we include staff to handle all order handoffs, delivery and more
Time needed to open
52 weeks for 1 location5-10 years for multiple
~6 weeks for 1 location1 year for multiple
Breakeven point
5 years with a 10% profit on a $1,000,000 run rate
6 months with a 10% profit on a $1,000,000 run rate